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Yoga Accessories Eco-friendly Cork Brick Yoga Block


Made from cork, a renewable and recyclable resource, the Yogamatters Large Cork Brick is ideal for adding lift or grounding into your yoga pose.



Cork yoga block


Approx. 0.68 KG


22.5cm long x 15cm wide


Approx. 7mm


cork color

Can put on your logo/brand by laser

Sturdy, Safety Supportive –
Our Cork yoga bricks made of 100% cork. Different from foam blocks /cork+foam blocks, Our eco block weighs more.

When you do strength exercises, using a heavier yoga block prove to be more helpful than a light one. It’s safe for you to support in a rigorous class. More weight, more works for you.

Improve and Deepen Your Poses – It’s an essential yoga equipment for all yoga lovers. Improve your stretch, balance alignment in your practice. Modify and deepen your poses to suit your flexibility.

100% Correct Choice – Having issues with stretching or flexibility, which is something that yoga practitioners commonly encounter. Choose SOL CORK YOGA BLOCKS, improve your issues. 



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